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I make no claims that it will handle every instance, but so far, it does pretty well.

How to Map a Network Drive on Mac

I am on the phone to Apple now but I don't hold much help. If this worked then having a script to create the link is unnessisary. Jamf Nation, hosted by Jamf, is a knowledgeable community of Apple-focused admins and Jamf users. Learn more about JNUC. Mac mapping drive script Posted: by Nguyen. Hi Everyone Do anyone have best mapping drive script that could share with me. Like Comment. Order by: Most Likes Oldest Newest.

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So here's the example Right now this script just displays the results but you can make it do whatever you want at this point. I made a script that connects to a network drive when iTunes is running. You can download it from this gist page look for the "raw" download link. Basically, it runs in an infinite loop and checks every two seconds if iTunes. If so, it checks whether your AFP volume is mounted already, and does so if not. Finally, if everything works, you could then launch this script automatically via a Launch Agent.

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Viewed 15k times. I didn't outsource the complete media library because of performance reasons with iTunes. Is there a way to mount a network drive prior to a particular application launching?

OS X: Auto-mount network drive upon server disconnect

What kind of server is it? An update in response to CajunLuke's question: The Automator app connects to the network drive and incorporates a 10 second delay to ensure the network connection is ready. Having finally got my Airport Extreme working , I've moved my 2TB Drobo directly onto the network, rather than having to have my Mac Mini running all the time to get at my media.

I still needed to be able to get to the files from my Mac Mini, and because it was running as a media centre, I couldn't be doing with fiddling about browsing to the share before I could load my media applications. After a bit of fiddling and some Googling , I set up an AppleScript to do load the drive on startup.

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And here's how you can do it too:. If we're going to load a drive, we need to know where it is. You can do this by mounting it manually, then Command-Clicking the volume on the desktop and selecting "Get Info". As a side note, I name all my hardware after Scooby Doo characters.

What is a network drive used for?

The Drobo volume is called Freddy. Unfortunately, this naming convention only allows me to have five pieces of hardware on my network at once. I'll be damned if I'm calling anything Scrappy. So this script will run whenever you double-click it instead of opening the editor again , be sure to save it as an Application note the "File Format" option below. So let's give that a try. Eject your networked Volume and double-click on the script application you've just created. The volume should re-appear, as if by magic if Clarke's quote is accurate.

We're nearly there! Open the Accounts dialog in System Preferences. Select the Login Items tab and authorize yourself for changes by clicking the lock icon in the bottom left hand corner. Once you've done that, click the plus button under the login items list and select the application you created.