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It supports integration with Safari and Chrome browsers using an Interceptor plugin. Once the Intercepter is installed and configured, clicking on a supported download URL in Chrome or Safari will automatically launch a new download task in Progressive Downloader. You can also set the default download location for different types of files. Progressive Downloader is available as a free download from the official website.

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If you want to support the developer, you can also purchase a copy of the software from the Mac App Store. To get rid of the splash screen, you need to purchase the full version of the app. Note: Though iGetter advertises download acceleration feature, we could not see any significant increase in download speeds in our tests. SpeedTao is a simple download manager for Mac that is currently in Beta phase.

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Currently, users require a Dropbox account to enable Remote Downloads feature. IDM for Windows is able to fetch and download embedded media streams from a large number of websites.

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Just like IDM, iTube can detect embedded videos playing on Safari, Firefox and Chrome, and can be saved by clicking on a smart Download button that appears next to the video stream. This app also includes a built-in video converter. This could hamper your web browsing experience. A good alternative to use in this case is to use media grabbers with built-in web browsers. One example of such type of app is Elmedia Player. Elmedia Player is a decent media player from the makers of Folx. But apart from playback, the app also sports its own web browser, where you can open a webpage containing embedded media, and grab links to download the media files.

Instead of providing a Grab button to all media elements, you can use a simple bookmarklet on your favorite browser to open such links in Elmedia browser and then download them.


The free version of Elmedia Player allows you to play all supported media formats. But to grab media files embedded from webpages, you need to upgrade to the Pro version of the app. Download speed is one of important factors of download management solutions. For speed and multi-threaded downloading, Download Shuttle with 6 threads is the best free solution. Folx on the other hand, offers 2 threads in the free version. But its Pro version can use up to 10 simultaneous threads, which might improve the overall download speed. For better download management features with decent user interface, Progressive Downloader and iGetter are our picks.

Folx has a tagging feature that might be useful for managing your downloads, but its overall UI is not as appealing compared to Progressive Downloader. Note: It is recommended not to enable browser auto-fetch feature for multiple downloaders at the same time. For media grabbing features, iTube Studio and Elmedia Player are useful. Overall, a combination of multiple apps from above can together serve as a decent IDM alternative for Mac.

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iGetter provides a host of basic and advanced features.

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Always works without a hitch. Thank you so much for this product. It is the best because it really provides its name stands for. I've been using your product since times when ReGet was in place and everybody thought that there is nothing better it. You're the best!!

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I want to thank you for developing such a wonderful tool and even offering it for free. In my opinion it is the best advertising-free download manager — as far as I know there is no comparable tool out there.

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