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G3 - Semi-automatic with high capacity. G36C - Fully-automatic with high rate-of-fire. M14 - Semi-automatic with high power. MP44 - Fully-automatic with high accuracy. Added in Remastered on February 7, BOS14 - Fully-automatic with high power for the first five bullets.

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Added in Remastered on May 2, Lynx CQ - Fully-automatic. Added in Remastered on August 8, Submachine Guns MP5 - Fully-automatic with high accuracy. Skorpion - Fully-automatic with high rate-of-fire.

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Mini-Uzi - Fully-automatic with high rate-of-fire. AKu - Fully-automatic with high power. P90 - Fully-automatic with high capacity. Mac - Fully-automatic. Added in Remastered on March 14, Fang 45 - Fully-automatic. RPD - Fully-automatic. M60E4 - Fully-automatic with high power. PKM - Fully-automatic with high power. Bered MK8 - Fully-automatic. Added in Remastered on June 27, Shotguns W - Pump-action with high power.

M - Semi-automatic with high rate-of-fire.

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Kamchatka - Fully-automatic. Rangers - Break-action with high power as players dual-wield two at a time. Sniper Rifles M40A3 - Bolt-action. M21 - Semi-automatic. Unlocked at Rank 7. Dragunov - Semi-automatic. R - Bolt-action. DS - Semi-automatic. S-Tac Aggressor - Bolt-action. Pistols M9 - Semi-automatic with high capacity. Desert Eagle - Semi-automatic with high power. Can equip a silencer. Prokolot - Semi-automatic that fires in three-round bursts. BR9 - Semi-automatic with high power.

Section 1 Perks Name Description Image C4 x2 Gives you the use of 2 explosive packages that can be detonated remotely. C4 x2 Special grenades x3 Gives you 3 special grenades in your inventory instead of 1. This perk cannot be selected if you are using smoke grenades as your special grenade. RPG-7 x2 Claymore x2 Gives you two trip detonated mines.

Typically ideal for snipers or for covering doors and ambushes. Claymore x2 Frag x3 Gives you 3 grenades in your inventory instead of 1. Frag x3 Bandolier Gives you up to 3x more ammo. Bandolier Bomb Squad Allows you to spot enemy explosive devices by placing a visible skull above them. Juggernaut Sleight of Hand Reloads take half the normal time.

Double Tap Overkill Allows you to carry two primary weapons instead of a primary and a pistol. This applies to all explosives such as C4 and the grenade launcher. Steady Aim Last Stand Allows you to drop to the floor and pull out a pistol before you die. If you are using overkill and last stand it defaults to the M9 when you go into last stand.

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Last Stand Martyrdom Allows you to drop a grenade with a 2. Martyrdom Deep Impact Increases your ability to shoot through walls and surfaces. Deep Impact Iron Lungs Doubles the amount of time you can spend holding your breath whilst using a sniper rifle. Iron Lungs Dead Silence Decreases the amount of noise you make whilst moving. Dead Silence Eavesdrop Allows you to overhear the enemy's voice chat within a 30 meter radius.

It is unlocked when a player reaches a total of XP. You do not lose your place on any leaderboards if you enter prestige mode, you also do not have to re-unlock playlists you have unlocked previously. Prestige mode allows a player to reset their rank and lose all their perks, weapons and camouflages they have unlocked whilst reaching level You can enter prestige mode a total of 10 times.

There have been several rumors that reaching 10th prestige level 55 allows you to use 2 gun attachments at once, these rumors are not true, the same goes for reaching 10th prestige Level 55 and completing every single challenge in the game. Original Game Ambush A smaller urban map offering prime locations from which to throw frag grenades, due to the nature of the different sides of the road.

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Both sides are able to provide covering fire from opposite sides, meaning that entrapment is often avoided by using the other side of the map instead. Backlot A construction site in a Middle Eastern locale, including damaged buildings as well as a building under construction. This map is often seen in professional eSports leagues. Two mounted machine-guns provide fire across two different corridors of attack, making for a difficult fight should these guns be used effectively.

Bloc An Eastern European map located in the Ukraine or a former Soviet nation, Bloc features two opposing apartment blocks. Typically snipers fire across from building to building, though this can provide opportunities to rush and flank opponents in buildings as well as also to push and control both apartment blocks.

Bog - Difficult, dark map that has spots of foliage and uneven ground. Class choice to counter the other team is advised. Crash - One of the favorites, Crash is a very well designed medium sized map that caters to numerous play styles over any mode. Crossfire While Crossfire initially appears to be a long sniper's playground, the buildings on either side of the map allow for closing the gap with enemies very quickly, meaning many different weapons can prove effective in the area. Countdown - A huge open map, ideal for snipers. District - A long alley along the top and side of the map are largely useless, as the best action takes place amongst the market stalls in the two central areas.

Downpour - Sloping map set on a Russian farm. Very dangerous to stay in one place for too long. Overgrown The favorite map for sniping as it very large in size size and covered in shrubbery. Considered one of the best maps, but those favoring short-medium range classes may suffer.

Close range engagements are typically brief skirmishes, centered around the buildings and prime vantage points for snipers. Pipeline - Plenty of sniper spots to be found surrounding these two large warehouses beside a derelict railway line.

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Shipment The smallest map in Call of Duty 4, Shipment is difficult to do well on due to the chaotic nature of gameplay. In Hardcore mode in particular, dying on this map is a highly regular activity. When an airstrike is inbound it is advised to not spawn for a few seconds, since it is possible to die from one strike more than once. Showdown - Ideal for campers, a small, self contained map with lots of corners to hide around. Strike - Big town area that has something for everyone.

Tightly designed, air strikes can be devastating. Vacant - Big warehouse with a lot of narrow corridors that makes for some difficult tactical choices. Wet Work - Long ship caught in a storm. Sniper spots at either side, but it's difficult to get a good line of sight in amongst the containers. It was added to the game alongside other tweaks and updates made in Update 1. Remaster Only Beach Bog A summertime version of Bog that is modified slightly with the addition of concrete walls between the buildings and the open area.

Variety Map Pack Broadcast Broadcast is based upon the television station shown during the mission 'Charlie Don't Surf', though has been modified to work as a multiplayer map. Players outside the station are able to find a number of different entrances and many people avoid the conventional corridor entrance to add unpredictability to the map. Chinatown Chinatown is a reskin of Carentan from Call of Duty 2 , featuring a chaotic map design with many vantage points for snipers, as well as routes for rushers and flankers to take out the snipers.

Grenades can be incredibly effective in Chinatown since many people stay close to windows, which make prime targets for explosives. Creek Creek is a dried up riverbed, with housing on one side and a farm on the other. Set in Eastern Europe, Creek is an ideal map for snipers due to the amount of shrubbery around the area, acting as natural camo alongside the ghillie suits. Killhouse Killhouse is the smallest map in the Variety pack, coming second to Shipment in overall size or lack of it. Killhouse seems to be set within a training ground in the UK, which makes it the only map in the entirety of the game to be set outside of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Microsoft DirectX 9. Internet play requires broadband connection and latest drivers. LAN play requires network interface card and latest drivers. Xbox Installation Installing the Xbox version of the game to the hard drive requires 6. Tweet Remove Format Clean.

Cancel Update. What size image should we insert? This will not affect the original upload Small Medium How do you want the image positioned around text? From its visually stunning beginning to its emotionally wrenching ending, this is a surprisingly deep, rich, and unique approach to the first-person shooter. CoD 4 is the fourth installment of the popular series and the first chapter set in the modern age. Diverse missions, lush environments, a variety of weapons, challenging goals, solid multiplayer mode and a well-paced story, makes this not only one of the best shooters of the year, but one of the best of all time.

For the purposes of this review I tested the version 1. Since writing the review, version 1.

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Instead of inhabiting the body of a generic marine with a shaved head and a bad attitude see Crysis or Turok , for example you play as several characters whose stories are interrelated. Marine stationed in an unnamed Middle Eastern country an obvious Iraq stand-in. Missions are varied and get increasingly challenging, especially during the later hours.

The system requirements for CoD 4 seem pretty pedestrian 2.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a breath of fresh air in the world of first-person shooters. I had a lot of fun taking on missions with my brother downstairs, me upstairs, connected with my friend online. All weapons including perks and attachments unlocked. Grenade launcher perk disabled only available on M Special grenades blocked. Weapon damage rates improved and more ballanced. Raised fire power on assault and smg weapons Most assault weapons and smg's now have a min of 40 and max of 60 damage. Removed weapon sway. Improved weapon handling.

Improved sniper scope handling. Removed crosshair and claymore laser. Claymores triggered by team mates With ff off claymores triggered with no damage. Only server admins need download the mod, then turn on downloads in your server.