Sound not working on tv from mac

Top 8 fixes to get sound back on your Macbook Air/Pro

Anthony Bouchard on January 26, The sound was loud coming from the TV, so I decided to try and adjust it with the volume keys on my keyboard only to find the following prompt come up when attempting to press the volume up and volume down keys:. So what gives?

Doing this shows options for selecting an output device, as well as an input device, and if you have both an HDMI device connected, as well as headphones or speakers, you should see both of them in the output device list. This is done with the following steps:. A blue check mark means the option is turned on.

No Sound or Volume on Apple TV – How to Fix

Elaine Elaine 29 2 2 bronze badges. Maybe if there was another problem that resulted in the same symptom, but to be clear, I think's OP's perceived 'trouble' is with the HDMI connection as I have seen as well, and not really a bug, so I think the other 2 answers are better for this situation.

This action may 'reset' the audio system, thus implicitly changing the audio device, but is a more destructive action, and usually unneecessary. Fair enough for your reply, however, when i have had this issue in the past the command has always worked for me. Also a pretty common solution for others who have had this issue if you google around.

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This was the answer that helped me! It was absolute dumb luck messing with settings but it works! Derek Derek 11 1 1 bronze badge. Created the multi audio device. Featured on Meta.

Why Doesn't My Apple TV Have Sound?

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