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You can edit this. My guess is that there are simpler solutions than FreeFileSync out there.

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Just copying your most recently edited files, or the entire folder containing them, to and from something like Dropbox or Google Drive might be easiest of all, especially if you use something like TeraCopy to do the copying. Hopefully there will be some…. Hi Antonio, I am seconding what a different Martin says. If the computers clocks are in sync TeraCopy or similar can do the job.

I am using FastCopy a competitor to TeraCopy in fast copying for those tasks. You can chose to preview the actions and estimate the time the actions will take. You can define postprocessing commands standby, hibernate, shutdown, run command. I think it could be what you are looking for.

FastCopy looks like a really good find — it looks like an impressive and impressively well documented utility. I downloaded the bit installer no malware or PUPs detected and am definitely going to give it a try. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! Thanks for a great article Martin! We want something that produces a synced folder that can be read from any attached machine, in a location of our own choosing. A review of FreeFileSync on another site I think it was on the Sourceforge download page mentioned that FFS changes the time and date stamp on files and folders to the time of sync.

If so, that would be a deal-breaker for us. Has anyone experienced this? Do not count on these results to apply to other comparison and syncing methods or to other OSes? Instead, I find an open messagebox waiting for me. Is it necessary to leave Quickbooks open during syncs? Do you run your syncs on a schedule? In my experience, copying locked files generates synchronization conflicts that need to be manually resolved in a subsequent manual sync, but maybe it was just the type of files I was using.

Also, you may be able to write a command-line batch file that starts Quickbooks and then starts the FreeFileSync Quickbooks data batch job. Finally, you can use a RealTimeSync job to monitor changes to your Quickbooks Data folder and automatically run your FreeFileSync Quickbooks Data batch job whenever a change is detected. So long as a change is made to at least one of the files in your Quickbooks Data folder when Quickbooks exits, your FreeFileSync batch job would run automatically when Quickbooks exits.

Tried everything else and found all wanting. I had to uninstall all versions of Python 3. I got past the install problem by re-installing Python and then parsely. Now when I start a sync the window interface emits the Python command that starts it and then just hangs. The manual, more a dissertation than a user manual, affords me no help. It depends… It was an announcements for a free software project, which somewhat matches the page topic ;.

Is the window frozen? I see it your screenshot that the sync button is disabled, so yes, maybe there is actually something hanging… How long did you wait? Is it possible that you just gave it a large job? Could that be the case? It is neither complete, nor perfectly structured everywhere, probably written in poor English at many? I love that, since I never felt smart enough to write an actual one : But what do you mean exactly? Too verbose? Or too less meaningful?

At which places? The user has really a different position and sometimes has to tell the developer about it ;. Yes, after emitting that first line to Python when I click Synchronize it does no more. The window remains responsive but there seems to be no activity. I think that what is written is excellent. Especially for someone interested in how it was done. A distillation from what is written would be appropriate for that.

Can you check in Explorer, if some syncing takes place after you triggered it and while the graphical user interface keeps that silent? This is at least my best guess so far :. If so, then I keep two things in my mind for the next days when I have some time and fun and the developer tool opened:.

While b is clear to me, I will have to think more about a. When you ignore the technical issue with the Python installation for a moment, and also imagine that the GUI gave you some progress feedback: Were there any places on your way which brought you actually into trouble? My hope was, that the very basic operation i. When I took the machine hosting the network drive down it spit forth a lot of Python stuff and said it had stopped. I restarted it. I delete a couple of directories from one side and nothing happens to the other.

What I am suggesting for a document is the document you have but reduced to the essentials for operation. Presented in a logical way. What the options mean is imperative and if some of them are for specialists only, they should be hidden another level deeper. Thank you for your great article. I understand that the products reviewed in this article work when the files and folders are on the same LAN. Are you aware of a product that will allowing synchronization two folders across the internet. I mainly copy photos to one laptop, with the intention to backup sync to NAS, and then sync to another laptop.

The problem being, she rarely does it! The deletes should be easy enough for sync software to handle if I do an interim sync, but can any software handle this if I do not delete and rename files before syncing? A variation of the question is, can any software handle renaming files without deleting the destination file and re copying the renamed file? I am sure this can be handled with checksums, but would this be incredibly slow?

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Of course, this can become a lot more complex if I wanted two way replication, perhaps using two laptops as sources NAS as destination. The potential is to call files the same name, and so the software would have to spot conflicts and give options to rename. That is what having kids does …which also increases the photos and videos! Seems like Syncthing is what you need. A bit fiddly at the beginning but it runs nice afterwards. An example : any picture I take with my phone is automatically backed up on the laptop and the NAS. Any file operation renaming, deleting, etc.

FreeFileSync can handle file moves within the same synced parent folder and file renamings without deleting and recopying. The exception to this is if one of its sync databases gets corrupted. In a couple of years running a total of maybe 50 or so folder pairs in 8 different batch jobs, this has happened to me maybe a couple of times. He had backups and was able to fully recover. When a FreeFileSync database gets corrupted or needs to be rebuilt from scratch, you might end up with two copies of the same file, one with the old name and one with the new name. In that case, the one with the later date and time is usually the keeper and the one to sync from , but you might want to open both versions to make sure.

But I digress. Regarding the possibility of two different photos with the same name, one originating from each computer, I believe FreeFileSync would flag a conflict regardless of which file comparison method you use. You would then have to resolve the conflict manually, by renaming one of the files. Would this whole problem might be obviated if you and your wife always included your respective initials and a unique camera identifier in the file names of the photos you take?

If your folder structures are merely similar e. Finally, once you trust your FreeFileSync routines to almost never screw up in any significant way, you can make autostarting RealTimeSync tasks for them, and when you connect to your NAS, they will run automatically without any action on your part.

Bvckup 2 is deceiving.

The 5 Best File Syncing Apps

They do not tell you that it is a trial, not even when you install. They truly deserve being torrented and downloaded illegally. Yes, Synchredible is nice, but it pesters user with upgrade pop-ups for commercial version. I did mind, so i uninstalled it after a few days. Oh, and your second recommend, SyncFolders? Easiest to use? And Help was helpless. I use sincronize folder of Total Commander. Fastcopy free , Syncovery Pro and Resilio Sync Home Pro have solved all my file copying, file syncing and backup issues, they are well worth the money especially with discounts on the internet.

FreeFileSync: Folder Comparison and Synchronization

I want to sync files the following way: there are two computers in the house and an external hard drive attached to the wifi router. So, for example, if I add photos to computer A, these will sync to the external drive and then the next time computer B runs sync it will receive the photos from the external drive. Will any of the programs profiled in this review do this? Two-Way Sync does what you want to do.

You may have to experiment with the various programs but this should work for your use scenario. Your setup would be even simpler. A few tips:. Drive space permitting, I would even sync the backup folder across the network. If you decide to change how your folders are organized on your computers, you may have to edit your sync jobs to match the new arrangement.

When a computer connects to the network, its data files get automatically synced with no intervention from the user. Take for example a local Outlook single user with archive files back nearly 20 years and yearly files 16 ranging in size from 1GB to 8GB and total of 25GB in all. The whole Outlook folder Outlook.

This is just using the free Beta copy 0. From a clean start version 1. The drive has already had an initial backup done which was fast enough due to being a USB direct connect not network. I need to also point out that if you change the name of a file say a document file is renamed Bvckup 2 is smart enough to know that it already has that file in the backup and simply updates it with the new name.

So if you have a document that you rename to revision1 and add a second document as revision2 it changes the old document name on the backup device to revision1 and adds the new file as revision2. If you alter anything internally in the old document whether renamed to rev 1 or not then it will be updated using delta copying anyway.

Of course I have no connection or association with Alex or Pipemetrics :. For me, the problem is most acute with virtual machines mine range in size between 7GB and 21GB. My laptop has rpm mechanical drives on SATA II ports, and if I update all of my Linux virtual machines in one shot, it can take an hour to copy them to my cloned backup system drive, and then another hour to copy the virtual-machine backups the previous versions back to my system drive. It bogs down the system, and if the RTS task gets triggered and does a sync while the machine is still in use, a conflict will result after the virtual machine is shut down and the sync will have to be done again from scratch.

I think the last one was a big file that took forever to download from a slow website. Even though I had set the task for the folder it was downloading to trigger after a two-hour delay, it got automatically synced before the download was complete, and there was a conflict between the two sides afterwards. I manually resolved the conflict and re-synced. I can live with having to do that a couple of times a year.

Anyway, if I were going to stick with Windows, it would be probably worth using Bvckup 2 to handle my virtual machines. We had to go with one backup per calendar day of the month, for a maximum of one backup per day for the previous 28 to 31 days, plus some older stragglers in months with less than 31 days. Run it in a Windows virtual machine, maybe? Give it a try :. Love it! Well worth the purchase. I liked your review, especially that you made a recommendation. You could add to the review by letting us know which sync programs copy the latest source file to the existing target directory structure.

I copies the latest source file AND directory structure, while deleting the out of date file in its current directory structure. Do any of the programs you reviewed update the target file while retaining its directory structure? Starting with FreeFileSync Now the only manual intervention required is to resolve syncing conflicts from time to time. My vote for next major FFS feature upgrade is delta-sync capability. Simple example: You save a new file to a folder monitored by a RealTimeSync task.

RealTimeSync triggers its associated FreeFileSync batch job, which will copy the new file somewhere else. This probably sounds pretty nit-picky, but it can be a major issue if you use a one giant batch job for all of your syncing. The smaller and more limited the job, the faster it runs, the shorter the blind spot, and the less likely it is that a new external change will happen within one of its folders while the job is running. If the option is unchecked, synced objects are presumably supposed to inherit the permissions of their new parent folder.

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There is a standalone, non-syncing utility that can identify permission differences between two reports in its paid edition. Syncfolders does not offer any support whatsoever. Neither does it offer start upon Windows login, so scheduling is approximately useless. Instead, I had to schedule everything in Task Scheduler. Synchredible worked very well for me for a while apart from the nag screens on startup and every time it does a Synch. I would have purchased it but on principle I refused to when it was so annoying.

A weekly nag screed would have been acceptable. I no longer recommend it.

Keep your information backed up and up to date across multiple devices

Then I found synching my music file from my NAS to an external hard drive that it both would not delete files that had been deleted from the source and then would not copy new files because of some issue with user access rights including files I had digitised myself of LP and purchssed from HD tracks. I am sick of software having terrible support so I will try Syncbackfree and see how I go. I have now tried SyncBackFree as an alternative to Synchredible. It has worked for me where Synchredible did not and where I could find no answers ti my issue in help files or forums.

You have to pay for a more upmarket version for that. That is a biggie perhaps for some and possibly a deal breaker. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please click on the following link to open the newsletter signup page: Ghacks Newsletter Sign up. Ghacks is a technology news blog that was founded in by Martin Brinkmann. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. What's the best free file synchronization software for Windows?

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Requirements Supports manual and automatic scheduled modes of operation. Supports one-way and two-way synchronization of data. Should sync files in use. Should work with a variety of devices including internal and external hard drives, network shares and removable devices. Should not limit you in regards to the synchronization no file limits, use limits. Synkron - Open Source software Not included Allway Sync - Limits syncs to 40, files per calendar month Bvckup 2 Bvckup opens a clean interface on launch.

Create Synchronicity Create Synchronicity is an easy to configure file backup and synchronization software. FreeFileSync Attention : The program ships with adware. SyncFolders The program is probably the easiest to set up thanks to its streamlined interface. Synchredible When you first start Synchredible after installation you are taken directly to the task wizard which you can use to create a first sync job.

Here is a quick rundown of the steps: Select the two folders and decide whether subfolders should be included. Enable one-way or two-way sync, and decide if you want to synchronize all files or only newer files. Add more parameters such as deleting redundant files, ignoring hidden files or folders, or comparing file contents.

Set up filters to include or exclude files or folders from the operation. Set up automatic tasks. Schedule synchronization jobs or configure them to run based on certain conditions or system events. Add actions that you want run before or after synchronization. Add a name, assign a system wide hotkey for the task, and enable the preview feature.

Synkron Synkron supports folder synchronizations and multi-syncs. Other suggestions worth investigating: DSynchronize Mirrorfolder Now You : Which program is your favorite when it comes to file synchronization on Windows? An overview of the best free local file synchronization programs for the Windows operating system. Martin Brinkmann. We need your help Advertising revenue is falling fast across the Internet, and independently-run sites like Ghacks are hit hardest by it. If you like our content, and would like to help, please consider making a contribution:.

Donate via PayPal. Comments DonGateley said on March 17, at pm. Martin Brinkmann said on March 17, at pm. John K said on October 3, at am. Pete M. MartinPC said on March 19, at pm. Martin Brinkmann said on March 19, at pm. Martin thanks for sharing your experience with the software, it is very helpful. Mike Cabolet said on September 28, at pm. It compares and display even binary differences if you want. Sometimes you think your files are equal by the size, name, etc, but it is always good to compare your backups binary, in order to see if everything is ok.

With FreeFileSync you can. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. FreeFileSync Free data backup software to synchronize files and folders Brought to you by: zenju. As of , this project can be found here. Download This project uses a 3rd-party installer, its contents have not been scanned. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more.

Full Name. Phone Number. Job Title. Company Size Company Size: 1 - 25 26 - 99 - - 1, - 4, 5, - 9, 10, - 19, 20, or More. Your data is your data alone and you deserve to choose where it is stored, if it is shared with some third party and how it's transmitted over the internet. Check the list of Syncthing's goals for more details. Many, many community contributions. Download from GitHub. The current release candidate is , released. The next release, , is expected. Make sure to check out the Getting Started Guide if you need help.

Releases are signed as described on the security page. Syncthing is still in development, although a large number of features have already been implemented:. Developing Syncthing costs money, in domain and hosting fees for the various servers we need to run the operation such as discovery servers, build servers and this website. Your donations help fund these costs.

Donations are handled by the Syncthing Foundation. Donate securely using any major credit or debit card, processed by Stripe. Kastelo provides commercial support for Syncthing and sponsors Syncthing with development resources.