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Whilst the physical design of the M8 mostly stayed the same, a lot else changed.

How to Root your HTC One M8 on a MAC Computer

For starters, the HTC M8 came with improved hardware. The M8 also comes with a Snapdragon chipset which includes a 2. On top of upgrading to Android 4. If you fall under the same boat as other Sense haters then you may want to consider rooting your HTC One M8 so that you can pick up a custom ROM or make adjustments to the user interface.

The HTC One M8 Root Thread - HTC One M8 | Android Forums

If you root your device you will also be given a finer control over plenty of other UI features and the overall performance of your smartphone can be monitored carefully. More interestingly, if you root the HTC One M8 you will be able to underclock the processor and cut out background apps to improve the battery life. One Click root is far more user friendly, supports a larger variety of devices, and includes several fail safes. We also provide full technical support via chat and phone. Safetly root your Android device. Our technicians are certified and can safeftly perform a variety of troubleshooting services in addition to rooting your android device.

How To Root HTC One M8

We guarantee that your data will remain safe when we root, unroot, or repair your Android device. Mobile Phones. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!

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